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  5. "They dance."

"They dance."

Translation:Họ nhảy múa.

November 30, 2016



What is the difference between "Họ nhảy múa" and "Họ nhảy" ? What purposes does "múa" serve, and is it interchangeable with "nhảy" ?


Basically nhay mua means all kind of dances hence dancing in general. Nhay alone means usually fast movements and refers to dancing more in a casual way while mua is referring to the art of dance or dancing in a slower motion. Hope that helps a bit ^^;


It seems múa is used for ballet where nhảy is for more recent dances.


Is nhảy đam insted of múa also correct?


Nhay dam sounds more like ballroom dancing, and western style dancing while mua is more implying a slower type of dance and more artistic e.g. Ballet would count under mua and not nhay dam. Dam is also implying long or western type dresses hence they are not interchangeable.


Difference between ''múa'' and ''nhảy múa''?


Múa is like on stage, nháy múa is like with a partner

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