November 30, 2016

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Does Romanian distinguish between blame and a blameless apology like some other Romance languages do? e.g. in Spanish:

"Lo siento que se le tiró el café". - I'm sorry that your coffee spilled (the person speaking had nothing to do with the coffee spilling).

"Disculpe por tirarle el café." - sorry for spilling your coffee (the person speaking was responsible for the coffee spilling).


Sort of. "Scuze"/"scuză-mă"/"îmi cer scuze" imply fault of the speaker. "Îmi pare rău" would be used to simply express sympathy (however, it could also be used when the speaker is at fault).


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Can "Scuze" also be used to say "Excuse me"?


"excuse me" is "scuza-ma"


That is would be the literal translation. I don't see why scuze can't translate to excuse me.


Hope this isn't painfully obvious but how would you say "I am sorry" or "I am so sorry"? Like one would say if they broke something, I don't believe it's just "eu scuze", seems awkward.


"I am sorry" - Scuze; Îmi cer scuze; Îmi pare rău; Scuză-mă

"I am so sorry" - Îmi pare foarte rău; Îmi cer mii de scuze; Regret foarte mult


I'm going to give this a shot. I could be wrong, because I grew up speaking Romanian but have never been to Romania, so I speak very colloquially.

Scuze is not a verb, so you can't say, "Eu scuze." Simply "scuze" is fine for "I'm sorry." Another thing you can say is "scuza-ma," which I think is more of a request ("forgive me" or "excuse me," rather than "I'm sorry").

If you want to be really apologetic, I don't think you can expand on scuze, but you can say "Îmi pare foarte rau" (there's the little accent on the a in "rau," my keyboard is dumb), which means something like I feel very (foarte) bad


The audio sounds like "scuzen", with an "n" at the end.


Yes, I heard this "n" sound too


Yes, in many exercises the sound is not clean. Maybe is the girl who does it bad.


My experience with Romanian speakers both in the UK and Romania would confirm that 'scuze' on its own can mean: Excuse me (I'd like to go by you or briefly obstruct your view like at the cinema); Excuse me or Pardon (I didn't hear or understand what you said), Sorry (both as a mild apology and as a polite apology for bumping into someone), and as Excuse me (I'd like to attract your attention or speak to you).

Someone knocked my coffee off the table once and although I'm not sure exactly what they said it was way more than 'Scuze'!


Wouldn't "Excuse me" be a valid answer too?


As for as i know from my experience in Romania, Scuze! Means also excuse me.


could "Pardon me." also be a valid translation?


"Excuse me" here comes from the fact that if you say "Scuze" like if you were saying "Scuz", it sounds like the last syllable of "excuse".


Scuze translates as excuse me in English. Sorry is the same as pardon .


was it pronounce as scuza or scuzle?

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