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Weird food

Why is the vocabulary in the food module so bizarre? Considering all the foods people eat, why the fixation on describing 'the child eats the wheat' or 'the man eats the dough'?

June 18, 2012



I agree, also given the rich and world-famous tradition of French cuisine! I think the goal here is to focus on countable and uncountable nouns (les noms dénombrables et non dénombrables). Most food follows the same pattern as in English: one apple, some apples (une pomme, des pommes), and rice (du riz); but sometimes there are slight differences: de la pâte (uncountable) = dough or pie crust, etc., but les pâtes (always plural) = pasta (always uncountable in Eng.), *les fruits" (plural) = fruit (usually uncountable in Eng.) etc.


i'll point out that i had a lot of trouble with discerning le riz as it is such a short word, and blends into other words. many mistakes made over that one.

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