"Hainele bunicilor sunt vechi."

Translation:The clothes of the grandparents are old.

November 30, 2016

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”bunicilor” means also of/to/by grandfather, grandmothers, not only grandparents. In Romanian we have:

grandmother: o bunică, două bunici, bunica mea, bunicile mele, bunicii mele, bunicilor mele

grandfather: un bunic, bunicul meu, bunicului meu,

but the plural male forms, doi bunici, bunicii mei, bunicilor mei, etc, refers to either grandfathers, or grandparents (both male and female together).

Therefore here the translations ”The clothes of the grandparents/grandmothers/grandfathers are old” are all right, and have to be accepted.

Interesting fact, the word ”bunic” is a 'forced' diminutive of ”bun” (same way as lapte-lăptic) which means ”good”, or here, ”kind”, and its etymology shows the fact that the grandparents are always kinder to the kids than the parents are. Some regions of the country still keep the words/regionalisms ”bun” (good/kind) or ”bunel” (another way of making diminutives), with the same meaning, ”grandfather”


save the apostrophe (interestingly, in France there is a committee for the defence of the circumflex)


I agree with LICA98, it should be grandparents' (with the apostrophe, for those who missed it)


So what is wrong with "the clothing of the grandparents are old"


Clothing should be uncountable, so "the clothing... is", but apart from that I would agree with the translation.

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