"The Protestantism in Germany."

Translation:Ο Προτεσταντισμός στη Γερμανία.

November 30, 2016

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"στη Γερμανία" instead of "στηΝ Γερμανία".


I'll remove the blue star from "στηΝ Γερμανία", so it's not a 'best translation', if it's possible. Unfortunately, we can't change the main sentences just yet, but it's on your to-fix list. Thank you for your comment ^.^


I think you'll find you can't remove the blue star :) If it's used in a Greek-to-English sentence (which are difficult or impossible to change, as you said) than it has to be a blue-star translation in the English-to-Greek direction.

But I think you can order the translations and make another blue-star version higher up and that it's the first one which will show up by default on a sentence discussion page.


Υes, just noticed. -.- (Duo makes his life so hard sometimesxD)

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