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  5. "Cincisprezece kilolitrii"

"Cincisprezece kilolitrii"

Translation:Fifteen kiloliters

November 30, 2016



So why don't we learn ”cubic meter” (”metru cub” according to GTranslate) instead of ”kilolitres” if that is used in the real world outside Duo?


Shouldn't it be "the fifteen kiloliters"? I mean "kilolitrii" is written with two "i", so I guess it is articulated in this case.

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Actually, there is a mistake in the Romanian sentence. It should be 'cincisprezece kilolitri' with one i. Even many Romanians are not sure how many 'i's to put on plural forms, and apparently one of the contributors got it wrong this time.


I considered going for that, then thought that would be "cei cincisprezece kilolitri". So went for "fifteen the kilolitres". Marked incorrect for some reason lol


Could somebody please update this section to include only measurements that are used in real life (in Romanian or anywhere else)?


Is this word really employed in everyday's language? I never head of a kiloliter either in French or in English. One would speak of cubic meters.


i have never heard it in coloquial talk... only in special technical language... so don't bother remembering it


I agree with those saying that kiloliters aren't really used. They're not. Everyone just uses liters instead.


What the hell is a kilolitre?


Something you would use when buying milk from the grocery store. Not advisable for the wine section.

(kilo = 1000)

Edit: joke and sarcasm aside, I think the intent was to demonstrate the usage of multiplication prefixes 'kilo", "deca", "mili", "deci" and so on. The overzealous assumption that many naval, aviation and space Engineers would be interested in the Romanian terms may be exaggerated (here I go again).


Why kilolitrii, articulated?


It's a mistake obviously.


Aveți un i în plus. V-au atenționat oamenii cu 4 ani în urmă. Este atât e greu să-l eliminați? Este bine înfipt în kilolitrii aceia?

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