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  5. "No quiero trabajar."

"No quiero trabajar."

Translation:I do not want to work.

December 1, 2016



Can you say 'Yo no quiero trabajar' ? I suppose you don't need the 'yo' because the word 'quiero' is used when you are talking about yourself, e.g.: me, I, myself.


Usually we don't use the subject because, as you said, "quiero" already tells you the subject of the sentence. You would use the subject only when you want to emphasize it for some reason. For instance: You are at work and the boss tells you and your coworkers to come to work on Sunday, so you stand up and says "YO no quiero trabajar el domingo". You emphasize that fact that YOU don't want to come to work. In any other situation seems odd to use the subject.


"I don't want work" It counted as wrong, someone knows why?


"I don't want TO work", probably?


same for me! It should not be wrong,in english it is saying the same thing!


In English, "I don't want work" doesn't have exactly the same meaning as "I don't want to work." For example the first sentence could mean something like you don't want to receive more homework.

However it seems the Spanish sentence could mean either and should be accepted. They seem to want you to use the infinitive "to work" "trabajar".


Can someone explain it to me why its"no quiero trabajar" and not "no quiero trabajo"


no=do not quiero=I want trabajor=to work (infinitive) trabajo=I work (conjugated in 1st person)

no quiero trabajor 《I do not want "to work"》RIGHT no quiero trabajo 《I do not want "I work"》WRONG

Hope this helps


"Trabajar", not "Trabajor", but yeah, that's all right.


I noticed the typo later...thanks for notifying mi amigo


In Spanish, when two or more verbs appear consecutively one after the other, the first is always conjugated for the subject while all the rest are left in their infinitive forms. The rule is exactly the same as in English; after all, you don't say "I don't want I work", right? Instead you say "I don't want to work".


THAT FEELING MY GOODNESS YES. I mean, who DOES??? But ya know, I like to work on SOME THINGS, just not everything.


I would not like to work?


Why doesn't it say "Yo no quiero trabajar" for "I do not want to work"


"I don't want to work." , should be accepted


"I don't want to work" was accepted for me 11/8/21


"Don't" and "do not" are the same, I should not (or shouldn't) have gotten it wrong!!!


I used "don't instead of "do not", when do we know it's formal speech?


Sorry, just read the thread and realized many had the issue of don't vs do not, Yo didnt (sorry did not

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