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  5. "I want a lot of food."

"I want a lot of food."

Translation:Θέλω πολύ φαγητό.

December 1, 2016



Θέλω πολύ τροφή should be accepted also


As far as the grammar I agree with mizinamo. As for the phrase itself, yes it could be a translation, but I'm not sure if it's used in greek, unless you're talking about your pet's food, or your pet's talking. :)


I'm not certain of the meaning -- I'll let others weigh in there -- but grammatically, it would have to be πολλή τροφή because τροφή is feminine, not neuter.


Two questions ago, "I don't like a lot of salt" needed the το πολύ, and here θέλω το πολυ φαγητό was marked wrong. When do you use το πολύ?

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The difference is that you need to add an article after like/dislike in Greek but not after want. Quantity is irrelevant.
(Δε) Μου αρέσει το αλάτι. = I (don't) like salt.
Μισώ το αλάτι = I hate salt.
(Δε) Μου αρέσει αλάτι , Μισώ αλάτι WRONG
Θέλω αλάτι. = I want salt.
Θέλω το αλάτι (που είναι πάνω στο τραπέζι) = I want the salt (that is on the table).

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