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"Pantalonii bărbaților sunt largi."

Translation:The pants of the men are large.

December 1, 2016



Couldn't both answers be accepted here? The mens' pants are large vs The man's pants are large (as in multiple pairs)

[deactivated user]

    "Bărbaţilor" is the plural, comes from "bărbaţi"

    "Barbatului" is the singular, from "bărbat"

    So this one translates as "mens' pants".


    But without context, i think both should be accepted (talking about the multiple choice exercise). Reported.

    [deactivated user]

      Hi nunes,

      If you are you referring to a context in which "Pantalonii bărbaților sunt largi" could be translated as "man's pants" (more pants belonging to a single man), it would be wrong.

      Also, "mens' pants" (as in pants designed for men) is usually referred in Romanian as "pantaloni bărbăteşti". For example, in a shop "Aveţi pantaloni bărbăteşti?" - "Have you got mens' pants?"

      Feel free to ask me if you have questions, I'm a native speaker and I would gladly answer.


      As nunes89 writes, he refers to the multiple choice exercise. Here you can choose between "Pantalonii bărbaților/bărbatului sunt largi". You have no translation, the question is just which word gives a correct sentence. And I agree with nunes that both do but only the first is accepted. I am reporting this.

      [deactivated user]

        oh, ok, got it. my bad


        Hi! I thought that largi means long and not large. Since large is almost a synonym of big. All longer pants are bigger but not all bigger pants are longer. Btw, how nice of you volunteering for answering our questions! :-)


        That is incorrect because there's a difference between "men" and "man".


        "The man's pants are large" would be: Pantalonii bărbatului sunt largi. Because the word "man" is singular.


        The correct possessive of men is "men's". The apostrophe only comes after the "s" if it is what makes the plural (which is what most English words are like).


        De ce nu este corect Pantalonii bărbaților sunt largi?

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