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Ziua Națională a României! (Romania's National Day!)

Every Year, on December 1st Romanian's celebrate a day called "Ziua Marii Uniri" (Great Union Day). This Holiday commemorates the unification of all Romanian peoples on December 1st 1918 when the elected representatives of each region decided "the unification of Romanians and of all the territories inhabited by them with Romania."
The first unity of Romanian people was when west Moldova united with Wallachia (January 24th 1859), however the Transylvanian region, as well as Banat and Maramureș were under Austro-Hungarian rule, Bassarabia and Bucovina under Russian rule.
In 1866, the United principalities renamed themselves [Romania] giving Romanians a national identity.
A few years later, following wars and political unrest, Transylvania, Banat, and Bassarabia (Today's republic of Moldova and Bujak region {Bugeac in Romanian} of Ukraine) joined the unity of all Romanian-speaking people.

I also sketched out a map of what countries some regions that had been part of this great union pertain to today.

Fun Fact! - Even if some regions such as Chernăuți (Chernivtsi in Ukrainian) and Republic of Moldova, Bugeac, etc. no longer are part of Romania, some are hopeful that one day the Rupublic of Moldova, and other Romanian-speaking populated regions will unite again under one flag :-)

Romanians usually celebrate this holidays by listening to traditional patriotic musics such as some of the songs below.

Deșteaptă-te române! - National Anthem
Hora Unirii
Noi suntem români!
Treceți batalioane române, Carpații
Pe-al nostru steag e scris "UNIRE"
Limba Noastră - Moldova National Anthem

Romanians also eat their most traditional of foods at this holiday which include but are not limited to...
Ciorbă de Burtă - Tripe Soup
Ciorbă de perișoare

I want to wish every Romanian language learner a happy Romanian National Day, and to Romanians - Hai să dăm mână cu mână.. :-)

December 1, 2016



Long Live Romania!


I don't think Romania will ever reunite in its' former borders. As far as i know, Romanian speaking people are no longer the majority in the Budjak region, also they never were (at least in the modern era) the majority in the lands that were lost to Bulgaria. And they're the majority only in the very little part of Ukrainian Bukovina.

(Those national sentiments are well known for me as a Polish man, as we also used to control a much larger teritory, with Polish-speaking population being majority around the areas of cities like Grodno, Lviv, Vilnius and Ternopil before WW II, but it's no longer the case after Stalin decided to play with borders and resettling people within Eastern Bloc after WW II. Losing those important places for Polish culture and history still hurts some poeple in my country.)

I am however surprised that Moldova doesn't seek integration more actively. I heard there was a referendum in this country some time ago if they want to reunite with Romania and the overwhelming majority was against it. As far as I know, Moldova is currently the poorest country in Europe and Romanian spoken in Moldova is perfectly intelligible with Romanian spoken in Romania, both countries share common history and the Romanian speaking population is majority in Moldova. All these things considered would cause me expecting they should see unification with Romania as a chance of improving their economic level of life while still being able to keep their heritage, but for some reason it doesn't work that way. Do you think Moldovan people will change their mind in the future?


Right, that's why I specified Moldova and other Romanian speaking regions such as Northern Bucovina :-)
The situation with Moldova is interesting. There are two categories with two sub categories in each. There are the Unionists and the Independents. Unionist Category - those who want to unite for Historical reasons, and those who want to unite for economical reasons.
Independents - Those who want to remain independent for patriotic reasons and those who seek the revival of the former Soviet Union. There is a large movement for unity and it seems to be growing by the day, even though the country elected a person who is strict on remaining independent.
This past Thursday in fact, many people walked in Chisinau (Moldova's Capital) carrying a 1 kilometer long Romanian flag demanding unity, so sentiments are growing especially within the younger generation.
Poland and Romania once shared a border :-)


This is super awesome! Thank you for spreading the information. :) Happy Great Union Day from USA! :>


Multumesc!!! La Multan Romania!!


Cu respect, noi românii NU comemorăm 1 Decembrie ! Noi sărbătorim această zi! În rest toate bune.


Da, nu am scris că comemorăm întâi decembrie ci că data aceasta comemorează unirea din 1918... în engleză "commemorate" înseamnă a se folosi ca o amintire de/simbol. :-)


Mulțumesc de precizări! Era un aspect pe care nu îl știam . Atunci totul este super.

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