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  5. "o pâine, două pâini"

"o pâine, două pâini"

Translation:a loaf of bread, two loaves of bread

December 1, 2016



Would this phrase be used much in Romanian? In english it's an uncountable noun so we would just say 'some bread' or 'two loaves of bread'..


The countable noun "bread" in English refers to different types of bread.
In Romanian, "pâine" can be an uncountable noun, like in English, but adding an indefinite article before it offers the meaning of "a loaf of bread". The plural "pâini" should be translated as "loaves of bread". I don't think I've heard anyone use "pâini" to mean different types of bread (i.e. breads), we would use "tipuri de pâine".


I have reported that "a loaf, two loaves" should be an accepted answer.


"A loaf of bread, two loaves of bread" is accepted as of 6 December 2016, and seems (to me at least) to be the most apt translation... though I suppose there are relatively few things other than bread that one might refer to as being a loaf...


A loaf, two loaves is certainly an idiomatically accurate translation


Ca sa fie traducerea corecta nu ar trebui sa fie o felie de paine,doua felii de paine?

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