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"Eu am o cămașă verde de la Duolingo."

Translation:I have a green shirt from Duolingo.

December 1, 2016



How do you say, I have a green Duolingo shirt?


"(eu) Am o cămașă Duolingo verde" (the only other order that makes sence besides the example above)


Actually, we use "with" to specify the fact that the shirt has a Duolingo banner/whatever on it (for example). If that was your intention, think about how would you say in English that you have a shirt on which some cherries are painted. "I have a shirt with cherries (on it)". That is the same logic. "Am o cămașă verde cu Duolingo (pe ea)"


Mech up-selling. Very subtle...


That link doesn't work


Could you please resend in url format so that mobile users can see?

[deactivated user]

    How would i be able to get a green shirt from Duolingo may i dare ask?

    [deactivated user]

      Well i dont have one


      Maybe Sebastian... don't look at me!

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