"You are fast, we are slow."

Translation:Voi sunteți rapizi, noi suntem înceți.

December 1, 2016

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Can the "you" singular (Tu este) not be used here?


yes it can... but english has no form for the adjective on plural, like romanian... so "Tu ești rapid, noi suntem înceți" should be accepted since "you" is used for both singular and plural in english


Thanks, this is what I thought, but it marked me wrong, so I thought I'd ask!


It is wrong, because you wrote "Tu este". You should write "Tu eşti".


Throw us a bone Duo, give us a little hint when u are requesting plural you would you? :)


"Voi" is you plural. "Tu" is you singular. Why would I be wrong in assuming the phrase "You are fast..." is "Tu ești rapid.."? If the sentence was "You guys are fast" then I would have an indication that this is meant to be plural. I don't think the team creating these are evaluating these sentences closely enough.

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    The translation team seem to overlook many possible meanings of the phrases. It's not the first time a correct (but different) answer is not being accepted.


    I agree, and you're right, we would typically use Tu esti rapid, but Sunteti also works . The earlier lessons when it referred to a singular person in English "you" as "Voi" plural is totally wrong


    Voi sunteți rapizi, noi suntem încete. Is accepted. Why feminine plural încete? Is it implied that the we (noi) are feminine?


    I think both feminine and masculine are accepted because they are grammatically correct, unlike "voi sunteti rapida" which is not.


    As read, I think "You are fast" should be singular. "Tu esti rapid". In English I would say "You all are fast" (or Y'all in the south) to indicate plural.


    Why cant you say : Nu suntem lenti??


    This should be corrected!


    Note to those using this to learn English: these sentences are all incorrectly punctuated. "You are fast; we are slow" is correct. Two related independent clauses that are not connected by a coordinating conjunction take a semicolon, not a comma.


    Again, can you add the a clue to know if YOU (plural) want us to use Tu or Voi?


    This was marked wrong: "tu esti rapid noi suntem incet"

    If I take that into Reverso, it is translated to an equivalent sentence: https://context.reverso.net/translation/romanian-english/tu+esti+rapid+noi+suntem+incet

    I'll also note, since someone asked about lenți, that the opposite direction translates to "Ești rapid, suntem lenți" ... https://context.reverso.net/translation/english-romanian/You+are+fast%2C+we+are+slow


    "încet" is incorrect here because - as adjective - it must agree in gender and number with the subject "noi" which is plural, therefore "înceți"

    Note that "încet" can also be an adverb in which case it does not inflict: "noi mergem încet".


    How do we know if it's masculine or feminine is this particular sentence? Does it matter? Please help.


    Without context you can't know so you typically use the masculine rapizi, înceți.

    Feminine would be rapide, încete.


    An explanation could be that the lessons aims to practice the adjectives in plural. But a better indication on that would be nice!

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