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German tree finished … and golden!!!

It’s a bit selfish but I really have to share my joy and reassure anyone who’s struggling with it: hold on :-)

Someone wrote in a discussion that the German tree is the sequoia tree on Duolingo. It’s true. What a ride :-)

It took me over 10.000XP (no immersion so about 1.000 lessons) and about a year. Of course it’s only the beginning and I’m still unable to understand a German newspaper … but the foundations have been laid. Let’s build on them!!!

Once again, thank you so much to everyone working on Duolingo and these courses: I’d tried many times to self-study German with the old ‘book-CD’ method but could never keep it up more than a week. Here, motivation had ups and downs but the gamification kept me coming.


December 1, 2016




Herzliche Glückwünsche!


Congratulations, nice work! Have you thought about doing the reverse tree? You'll have to translate a lot into German from English. Also you'll meet native German speakers studying English, and get to see their comments in German. I think you'll find it very worthwhile. Alles Gute!


Thanks, excellent tip about the comments en German !! :-)




Sehr gut gemacht! Good luck with your continued studying! :)



Just like you, once I tried learning German with cd and books, never worked, but always wanted to learn Deutsch, just needed a better place to start and finally I found Duolingo.


félicitations !! ;)


Nice work, keep at it!


Meinen Baum habe ich erst gestern abgeschlossen. Gerade möchte ich immer noch meine Spracherkenntnisse vergrößern, deshalb habe ich mich entschieden, statt DL zu wiederholen, was fast nichts bringt, DW-Online zu lesen. Es wäre noch günstiger, die Nachrichten mit anderen Lernenden besprechen zu können.


Deine Spracherkenntnisse vergrößern? Es ist schon beeindruckend (studieren Sie Deutsch schon lange?) !! Ihr habt Recht, mit anderen Lernenden besprechenes würde hilfen.


What an amazing accomplishment! You not only finished your German tree but it is GOLDEN!!! How did you manage to have a golden tree when finishing your tree? What do you plan to do to continue your learning?


Thank you :-)

How did I got it Golden? Well … I got frustrated a lot ;-) ;-) Quite often, it was golden and the next day I had 5 to 10 lessons to review. Quite discouraging but … true … because I still made mistakes. Duo was right, it was time to review.

What do I plan? Definitely Memrise, I’ve been using both and feel they are quite complementary. And do another German tree. Actually, I’m on the English discussion board but I did the ‘German-French’ tree (French is my native language). At first, months ago, I started with the ‘German-English’ tree but it was too hard. Now that I have a basic knowledge in German, I’ll try again ;-)


find someone whose German and start a German conversation with them to test your skills


Congratulations, Polo!! :) I am so happy for you! :)

What's next? :) Will you try the reverse tree? Or will you begin with a new course? :)


Thank you Anneysha7 and thank you for your support these last weeks. Sorry I couldn't do the same (it's not (or I havn't see it) on the IOS App I use 99% of the time)

Will you try the reverse tree? Or will you begin with a new course? :)

Maybe, but not right away, I’m on the English discussion board but actually I did the ‘German-French’ tree (French is my native language). At first, months ago, I started with the ‘German-English’ tree but it was too hard. Now that I have a basic knowledge in German, I'd like to see how it goes ;-) And I’d love to spend more time to learn Russian … and … and … and … :-) :-) :-)




You need to keep it golden. You'll be to level 25 before you know it.


Still a long way to go (1/3 done) ... but who knows :-) It's a nice goal !


Congratulations! I'm in the home stretch myself and I'm so excited for my little trophy! LOL


Congratulations, you are quite right to boast about it, it is a great achievement. As you see I finished mine recently and am now doing the reverse tree and managing to keep both golden, as you say some days it is quite frustrating when you find that you have a few to review. I am a native English speaker so it should be quite easy. I live in the east of Slovenija and the language is very difficult and unfortunately not on Duolingo but most of the older people in this area speak German so I will have chance to practise. Good luck for your future studies. Tschüss


im working on the German tree and have just finished the flirting lesson


I am jealous! I do not have the lingots to buy the flirting lesson, not yet anyways.


Hello, here are a couple to help you get it !! :-)


Und jetzt für der nächste! Glückwünsche!!


Congratulations! I'm still struggling a lot with my German studies, but I hope to complete it one day! Good job!


how do you insert the animations


If you want to become fluent, I would recommend Babbel. Although Duolingo is great, it isn't exactly great for becoming fluent. Babbel costs money, but a mixture of Babbel and Duolingo can teach you a lot. Babbel explains grammar much better than Duolingo, but does not teach you as many of those little everyday words like Fenster (window) or Kuhlschrank (fridge). The only downside is, Babbel is $8 a month.

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