"Gardianul băncii are o muncă grea."

Translation:The bank's guardian has a hard work.

December 1, 2016



'has a hard work' does not sound like good English to me. 'has a hard job' is better.

December 1, 2016


Yes, you're right. 'Has a hard work' isn't good English - I'd say, it's not even correct. 'Has a hard job' is correct.

January 15, 2018


you are right, but this way it's easier to translate word for word... work = muncă, job = serviciu, slujbă

December 1, 2016


well, it's ok for me as a native english speaker to have bad english accepted, as long as good english is also accepted -- BUT, if I were a spanish speaker learning romanian via english, duolingo would be actively stuffing BAD english into my head, with the imprimatur of being a language-teaching software. of course, this is the beta, and we all know that, so we need to be forgiving, and grateful for this great software. but let's be careful not to argue that it's not a flaw when duolingo tells people that the correct answer is, "the bank's guardian has a hard work." (not to mention the fact that children have guardians, but banks have guards.)

January 13, 2017


Thank you Paul! I'm Spanish learning Romanian via English and I do agree with you completely

November 4, 2018


Languages don't translate literally, word-for-word though.

April 1, 2019


I agree with Paul and Daithi, the English "translation" is poor

May 9, 2018


this kind of stuff makes me consider to stop using Duolingo. How hard can it be to let the sentences be proofread by an English speaker ?

November 19, 2018
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