"Orchestra cânta într-o dulce armonie!"

Translation:The orchestra was singing in a sweet harmony!

December 1, 2016

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A choir sings, an orchestra plays


Yes, I agree.


C'mon Duolingo, some simple stuff here. Singing and playing are NOT interchangeable in English. The picklist English translation is WRONG. If you let me at some of these I'd correct them for you!


orchesta mai degraba canta din instrumente deci plays


Yes, singing and playing are not interchangeable in English.


In response to PhilRushton: It's true language often includes a fair degree of redundancy allowing us to "understand" (guess) mis-translations. That doesn't make it correct. It is even more of a problem if people are using the courses "back to front" which I think some do ie as well as or after learning English from Romanian, they use the site as if English and learning Romanian (which I don't do but think is a good idea).

BTW having been alerted to your post, once logged on I can't see it - anyone else have that type of problem?


But they should have been playing their instruments


I would spend a word in defence of Duolingo here. The literal translation clearly hasn't created comprehension problems fir anyone, but it has highlighted an interesting difference between two languages.


Don't know why anyone would downmark you for that, so have a lingot or two.


Let's come together


Just for the record, orchrestras play "in sweet harmony" (accepted), not "in a sweet harmony".

My British version, "the orchestra were playing", however, was not accepted. ;(


That opens a nice can of worms: "The orchestra were playing" vs "The orchestra was playing". Collective nouns in this situation are usually treated as singular. That would argue in favour of the "The orchestra was playing." Of course whether DL would have marked differently is anyone's guess.

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