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  5. "Les années quatre-vingts"

"Les années quatre-vingts"

Translation:The eighties

February 14, 2013



"The years of the 80's" should be accepted. It's confusing when you know what it means but you don't know whether duolingo will accept your answer. I spent a good three minutes trying to decide what to put here. I though the eighties would not be enough becuse you used "annees" in the sentence. If you want 'the eighties' just say les quatre-vingts.


it is always annoying, when you spend more time thinking about the Duolingo-logic than about an actual translation ;)


This accepted my the 1920s..


Anybody care explaining to my slow logic how quatre and vingt suddenly make eighty?


I thought something in the lines of 4 * 20 = 80;


Same thing in English actually: four score. The King James Bible speaks of the life of a man as "three score and ten" i.e., 70.

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