"To take"


December 1, 2016



Why not "mynd â" ?


Mynd â is used more in the sense of taking something or someone along with you:

  • Mae Mam wedi mynd â'r ci i'r milfeddyg ddwywaith erbyn hyn - Mum has taken the dog to the vet twice now.
  • Bydda i'n mynd â fy nghariad i'r Fenni heno - I'll be taking my girlfriend to Abergavenny this evening.

Cymryd is simply 'taking':

  • Dw i eisioes wedi cymryd yr arian eisoes - I have already taken the money.
  • Bydd Dewi'n cymryd y bara oddi ar y ford - Dewi will take the bread off the table


Should Cymeryd not be a valid translation?


cymryd is the usual form nowadays.

cymer- is stiil the usual root form to which endings are added, although you may come across cym- being used in some dialects.

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