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Learn to blind type the Hebrew keyboard

Check this link: http://www.sense-lang.org/typing/tutor/keyboardingHE.php

Click on one of the שיעורים (lessons) and then "תרגל את הטקסט" (practice the text).

Picture of a Hebrew keyboard: http://mikycomputers.com/wp-content/uploads/Touch_typing-he-e1286785204269.png

December 1, 2016



Thanks for sharing, I was looking for something like that -- I keep timing out on the timed practice because my typing in Hebrew is just too slow...


I discovered a couple of weeks ago when I forgot my cheat sheet one day that I have learned the Hebrew keyboard without consciously trying just by virtue of using it regularly over the past couple of months. Though I'm still not fast enough to do timed practice, especially since I have to manually change back and forth between my English and Hebrew keyboards during the exercise.


You may be doing this already. I have a Mac, but I'm sure windows has the same thing or similar. Go to your keyboard input and there is a choice to make a shortcut switch--I chose command-back (arrow), and command forward (arrow) Also, on Mac at least, on the top tool bar you can select the keboard you are typing in to show onscreen as a small drop and drag. you can use it as a guide, or select letter directly from it.


I have standard American QWERTY keyboard but I can switch it to Hebrew. Does anyone know any good practice for typing in Hebrew using a QWERTY keyboard set as Hebrew? Thanks.


You can buy stickers that have both English and Hebrew letters - makes a huge difference!


this does not work. its in hebrew and when you type the letters it just show errors.

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