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"Το μήλο δεν είναι φυσιολογικό."

Translation:The apple is not normal.

December 1, 2016



φυσιολογικό = normal; φυσικός = natural?


Yes, indeed ^.^ In some cases, they are interchangeable.


φυσιολογικό = natural logic?

If it's natural, and it's logical, it must be normal! Common sense :D


Hello Dimitra and all other admins. I want to start my message with a note that i highly respect what you do. Whenever i have a question, it is always answered quickly and thoroughly. Yet i completely agree with the nature of the above comment. In addition to my mother tongue i speak two other languages rather fluently, another one so-so and now i am learning Greek so i can say i have some experience learning new languages and i always find it frustrating and useless when examples given make no sense. As a matter of fact all the teachers of foreign languages i came accross insist that such examples are useful and all the students with whom i ever shared the learning experience find it not useful. Of course, i realize there are millions of people out there learning new languages and may be some find such examples useful but i never came across any. I just want to share my opinion with you, not to critisize your work.


Yes, we have taken that into consideration. In the new tree we are making almost all sentences are sensical.


Something physiological is something normal... Greek makes sense.


Is this where we get "physiological" in English?


Is this where we get "physiological" in English?


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