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Devs: Can typed answers be lumped together?

This might only be a particular problem for me (I have a lot of languages on my system).

When I'm in timed practice, I waste a lot of time switching between languages, when every other question is a typed response between English and Greek. Is there some way to place them into sections (such as: multiple/single choice, then Greek typed response, then English typed response, for example) so that the typed questions in one language are mostly adjacent?

December 1, 2016

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I found this link suggested by a learner which I used very successfully until just recently. It automatically switches from Gr to En and En to Gr as the sentence requires. However, for the last few days it has not functioned well but I should add that I have had to make some other changes and may have caused the problem. Read the comments and you'll see that others have found it helpful so give it a try: here

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