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"A pesar de esto es de las mejores."

Translation:In spite of this it is one of the best.

February 14, 2013



This is the first sentence I just can't get at all. Can somebody help explain what's going on here?!

"A pesar de" is a phrase meaning like "but" or "despite"? And then you have "this it's of the best"? Ugh.. I don't know.


In spite of this (a dent) it (a used car) is one of the best (cars on the lot).


A pesar de esta oración me gusta este sitio.


Why not...despite this, it is for the best (de can be translated for)?


Me, too ---- where "it is one of the.." came from puzzles me..........even though it was explained, still don't understand


I don't get where the "one" comes from either, since "las mejores" translates as "best" and to get "one of the best" you need "un de las mejores." Google Translate says: "although this is the best"


The "one" is implicit in this sentence. One could also say it explicitly: "A pesar de esto, es una de las mejores."


I think a comma would really help this sentence out haha


"despite this you are one of the best" marked as wrong - can someone explain why?


To use the personal pronoun "you" the verb would have to be "eres." Eg. "eres (un) de las mejores." "Es" is the verb form for "he, she or it."

[deactivated user]

    or usted;)


    This sentence needs a comma for clarity. D:


    Do we use plural las mejores because of the implied "one of" meaning there is more than one choice. Could we say in other words "a pesar de esto, es la mejor"??


    Yes to your first question. and No to the second; that would be simply "the best (one)" rather than "one of the best", with the same difference in meaning as the English.


    I wrote other than this it is one of the best" why would that be wrong?


    This is how I proceed to understand this sentence. "To weigh of this - is of the best". When we weigh something, we judge it. This will not undergo direct translation, we need to find the idiom that is shared by BOTH languages and think outside of both languages, think in between to find the translation.


    I wrote "despite this it is from the best". Why can't I translate "de" as "from" here?

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