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"The pizza has cheese and tomato."

Translation:Η πίτσα έχει τυρί και τομάτα.

December 1, 2016



why is not accepted ντομάτα?


Because you forgot to translate "The pizza has cheese and" :)

More seriously, please ask about complete sentences -- it's possible that one word is correct in one sentence but not in another or that it only works in some variations.

I've checked the incubator just now and "Η πίτσα έχει τυρί και ντομάτα." is accepted.


Should tomato be spelt ντομάτα?


Η εκφώνηση των άρθρων στις απαντήσεις δεν είναι σωστή. Δεν λέμε ητα πιτσα , όμικρον άντρας κλπ είναι η πίτσα , ο άντρας κλπ


I have seen ντομάτα many times on Greek menus


We say "ντομάτα" but "τομάτα" is also right! *I am from greece


Officially "τομάτα" is correct,but in greek if before the word the last letter is a vowel we tend to say "Ντομάτα" because is sounds better. But even in written speech both are accepted!( Greeks use mostly ντομάτα=domata)


Please explain why we are only given one spelling for tomato when there are two ways to spell it.

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