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What do you say for today, "La multi ani Romania," or something?

What do you say for today, "La multi ani Romania" or something? I wanted to text something to a Romanian in my life... Sorry, I haven't figured out how to add all the tails on the t's and s' on this computer, yet.

December 2, 2016



La mulți ani means [To many years]. It's the general salutation Romanians give for most holidays such as - days of birth, Christmas, New Year, National Holiday, Weddings...

La mulți ani România - when said towards the country.
La mulți ani Români - said towards Romanian people.

also, simply "La mulți ani" would also be correct if the context (holiday) is known.


yes, La mulți ani România! / or simply La mulți ani! to a romanian (if it comes from a foreigner)

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