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  5. "Fructele lor sunt dulci."

"Fructele lor sunt dulci."

Translation:Their fruit are sweet.

December 2, 2016



Shouldn't it be 'Their fruits are sweet.' or Their fruit is sweet.'?


My answer ”Their fruits are sweet” was correct.


Yup. Or: "Their fruit is sweet". (Native speaker and English teacher)


Yes that is what it should be in english :)


In English Fruit is like the word Sheep, it is also plural, so the correct translation should be 'Their fruit is sweet' Ocassionally Fruits is used as in 'Fruits of the forest' but 'a bowl of fruit' is plural.


How interesting. Fruit and sheep are not completely the same in English Do you have a sheep? Do you have sheep? Do you have a fruit? Do you have fruit?so far the same But you can also say Do you have fruits? Meaning both plural and more than one type of fruit


Duolingo make mistakes


i got this correct by putting, their fruits are sweet, but at the bottom on 'another correct solution' is says, "their fruit are sweet"


This is the third error you have on this unit.

Instead of "The Fruit" you want "Then Fruit"

Someone needs to review this whole unit


Their instead of then


Subject verb agreement issue. Fruit is singular, are is plural.


Pkease have this reviewed by a native English speaker.


So, "Fructe" = fruit and "Fructele" = the fruit. But, when followed by "lor", "Fructele" = "Fructe"? What kind of nonsense is that? (I confirmed it with my Romanian partner, she said that's just how it is. But I can't accept this lack of logic. I just spent at entire section adding 'the' to words I've already learned. And now you're telling me that even though I'm hearing 'the' variant, I'm just supposed to pretended you said a different version of the word? Madness.)


Why do we still need the word 'the' in this sentence in Romanian? I'm just struggling to understand why you would be effectively saying a sentence like "their the fruit are sweet". I speak other Latin rooted languages (Sp, Fr and It) and none of them do this, so I am struggling to get my head around this rule and remember it properly. Any advice greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!

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