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  5. "Biologii cântă."

"Biologii cântă."

Translation:The biologists sing.

December 2, 2016



Is it safe to say that "ii" usually means plural definite? If not, what are the other possibilities?


Yes, it usually means plural definite. But there are a lot of nouns that end in "-ii" in their unarticulated plural form.
copii - copiii (children)
fii - fiii (sons)
scatii - scatiii (siskin)
mii - miile (thousands)
vii - viile (vineyards)
A bunch of nouns (mostly occupation names) who, in their singular form, end in "-iu" (masculine) or "-ie" (feminine):
macaragiu - macaragii - macaragiii (crane operator)
caminoagiu - camionagii - camionagiii (truck driver)
cusurgiu - cusurgii - cusurgiii (a fussy person)

There are also other parts of speech ending in "-ii":
tu știi - you know
fii politicos! - be polite!


I would love to hear these singing biologists!


It's the Phisiology Quartet!

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