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  5. "Πού είναι η Βίβλος;"

"Πού είναι η Βίβλος;"

Translation:Where is the Bible?

December 2, 2016



In Spanish is la Biblia. We transformed in feminine singular the ancient plural βιβλία.


That's interesting! ^.^ Is Spanish your primary language? ^.^


I'm so going to learn Spanish one day. I really like the language. ^.^


Is it because the Bible is a compilation of several different books, grouped together as one Holy Book? Same in French: la Bible.


En. Bible, Fr. Bible Sp. Biblia Sw.bibel ... via Latin from Greek Βιβλος, η from the name of the Fenician town Βύβλος/ Byblos from which the Greeks imported papyrus.

Βιβλίο το/ book has the same root


The medium is the message?


In French, we say la Bible ; in Italian, they say la Bibbia; in Portuguese, a Bíblia; in Catalan, la Bíblia; la Bíblia in the occitan languages. Whereas as far as I know, the word for book is masculine: le livre (french), il libro (italian), o livro (portuguese), el llibre (catalan), lo/le/eth libre (occitan languages). Maybe somebody could help with Romanian. I ran out of time!


And in German, it's die Bibel (feminine also), whereas book, das Buch, is neuter.


In Romanian "the Bible" is "Biblia" (the posponed definite article merges with the noun, as in North Germanic languages), while "the book" is "cartea", a feminine noun. Indefinite forms are "Biblie" and "carte"


Maybe this Ro. cartea has the same origin as Sp. carta (letter, map, chart) which is from Gr. χάρτης = chart, map from ancient Gr. χάρτις = papyren (roll of) and since the Greeks imported papyren from Βύβλος/ Βyblos, bibel, book, cartea, chart all have this same city as origin

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