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  5. "Πού είναι η Βίβλος;"

"Πού είναι η Βίβλος;"

Translation:Where is the Bible?

December 2, 2016



In Spanish is la Biblia. We transformed in feminine singular the ancient plural βιβλία.


That's interesting! ^.^ Is Spanish your primary language? ^.^


I'm so going to learn Spanish one day. I really like the language. ^.^


Is it because the Bible is a compilation of several different books, grouped together as one Holy Book? Same in French: la Bible.


En. Bible, Fr. Bible Sp. Biblia Sw.bibel ... via Latin from Greek Βιβλος, η from the name of the Fenician town Βύβλος/ Byblos from which the Greeks imported papyrus.

Βιβλίο το/ book has the same root


The medium is the message?


In French, we say la Bible ; in Italian, they say la Bibbia; in Portuguese, a Bíblia; in Catalan, la Bíblia; la Bíblia in the occitan languages. Whereas as far as I know, the word for book is masculine: le livre (french), il libro (italian), o livro (portuguese), el llibre (catalan), lo/le/eth libre (occitan languages). Maybe somebody could help with Romanian. I ran out of time!


In Romanian "the Bible" is "Biblia" (the posponed definite article merges with the noun, as in North Germanic languages), while "the book" is "cartea", a feminine noun. Indefinite forms are "Biblie" and "carte"


Maybe this Ro. cartea has the same origin as Sp. carta (letter, map, chart) which is from Gr. χάρτης = chart, map from ancient Gr. χάρτις = papyren (roll of) and since the Greeks imported papyren from Βύβλος/ Βyblos, bibel, book, cartea, chart all have this same city as origin

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