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  5. "Noi facem un tort dimineața."

"Noi facem un tort dimineața."

Translation:We make a cake in the morning.

December 2, 2016



So there's no differentiation between "We are making" and "we make" in Romanian? I think both answers were accepted here.


I don't think many languages do that. It is a special thing in English.


Her pronunciation did not sound like an f so I resorted to a dictionary and found coacem which is 'we bake'; logical, and Duo does introduce words never-before- seen at times. In fact, it sounded like the 'rather affected' English person who says 'phwat' instead of 'what'!


Oh great! when I get the correction the 'f' in facem sounds like an f on this occasion. (I should have realised as facere is to do/make in Latin but the original was so unlike an f.....

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