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  5. "Noi facem un tort dimineața."

"Noi facem un tort dimineața."

Translation:We make a cake in the morning.

December 2, 2016



So there's no differentiation between "We are making" and "we make" in Romanian? I think both answers were accepted here.


I don't think many languages do that. It is a special thing in English.


Indeed. Noi facem tort zilnic. Noi facem tort chiar acum.


Her pronunciation did not sound like an f so I resorted to a dictionary and found coacem which is 'we bake'; logical, and Duo does introduce words never-before- seen at times. In fact, it sounded like the 'rather affected' English person who says 'phwat' instead of 'what'!


She said TURT instead of TORT. In Romanian, TORT means birthday cake. A simple cake is 'prăjitură'


Oh great! when I get the correction the 'f' in facem sounds like an f on this occasion. (I should have realised as facere is to do/make in Latin but the original was so unlike an f.....


We prepare a cake is wrong, but it is perfectly correct...

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