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Tongue Twisters in Vietnamese

I have this sentence for you, and it is quite hard not only for foreigner learners, but also for native speakers. This lines may help you pronounce correctly the 'l' and 'n' sounds in Vietnamese. If you have more tongue twisters sentences, please share with us. Try speak as fast as you can ;) "Lúa nếp là lúa nếp làng, Lúa lên lớp lớp lòng nàng lâng lâng."

P/S: Can you translate those sentences?

December 2, 2016



Because in Vietnamese, the people in the north of Vietnam usually misread from "l" - "n" and from "n" - "l". It is a local language of the north people, not standard language. Because the capital of Vietnam is in the north, so Vietnamese which English learn is the people in the north of Vietnam. But I am a person in the south of Vietnam,...so...I can share for you the method to don't misread "l" and "n".

I think...so difficult...because I am Vietnamese...I don't pay attention to it.


There are not many Northerners who mispronounce 'l" and "n". I'm Hanoian and I don't mispronounce them.


PLS what does it mean I'm too lazy to learn vietnamese :)


The laziness is not suitable for learning languages :)


Oh plz i have too many langauges to study


I know what it said and kinda what it means but it's hard to explain!

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