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  5. "Hoje o dia está ótimo."


"Hoje o dia está ótimo."

February 14, 2013



I don't understand how this translates to "gorgeous" from "ótimo" especially in reference to the day? And you wouldn't really say "today, the day is..." in english...would this be a typical phrase in portuguese ?


In portuguese, the "day" refers to the weather, the sky etc... and today refer to this day in time. So if I say "hoje o dia está ótimo" means something like "today the sky is beautiful" or "the weather is great"... I don't think there is a direct association. It is a very poetic language.


ótimo for me seems like optimal, as in really good weather, so there are probably a bajillion different synonyms we could throw in there that would communicate the same meaning.


I'm confused why the definitions say one thing, but then aren't accepted as correct in the answers?


we have to report them - the same thing happened to me on another question. If we report it, they will change it :)

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