"I like Chemistry more than Geography."

Translation:Η Χημεία μου αρέσει περισσότερο από την Γεωγραφία.

December 2, 2016

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Why is it necessary to place η χημεία before the verb ?


Well, I think it's just a matter of sentence structure.

While in English, I like something more than something else,

In Greek, κάτι μου αρέσει περισσότερο από κάτι άλλο. ^.^

It's not absolutely wrong to say "Μου αρέσει η Χημεία περισσότερο από την Γεωγραφία", but it's somehow like you're losing the emphasis on Chemistry being what you like more. ^.^ And I haven't heard it being used that often in spoken Greek, as a native speaker. ^.^


You're welcome ^.^


well off topic, i am graduating in geography i hated chemistry always. sorry for posting it here its just chemistry this word even sucks


But chemistry is such an important part of geology, and you can't have geography with its geological base.
(Way off topic! I wonder what that is in Greek—dictionary didn't help. My guess:
Πολύ μακριά από το θέμα.
Pretty long way to say it.)


"Εκτός θέματος" or, even more colloquially, "Άσχετο με το θέμα".


Υιατί δεν είναι "τη γεωφραφία";


πιο από could be accepted?


Not really, it's grammatically incorrect. Here, you can either say περισσότερο από or πιο πολύ από. ^.^


I'm wondering why it's την Γεωγραφία rather than η Γεωγραφία. Isn't Γεωγραφία sort of a subject here? As in "Chemistry is pleasing to me more than geography is pleasing to me."


I'm wondering why it's την Γεωγραφία rather than η Γεωγραφία.

από is a preposition and requires the accusative case.

It's not like (say) German als which is a conjunction and is followed by something in the same case as the thing you are comparing with.


Thank you! I appreciate that :-)

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