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  5. "Το αγόρι κάνει ντους."

"Το αγόρι κάνει ντους."

Translation:The boy is taking a shower.

December 2, 2016



So, κάνει= to have vs. παίρνει= to take? DL graded me correctly when I used παίρνει.


Κάνει is used for some many things I can't even count them all. It's also used as fit or make. xD

"Αυτό δεν μου κάνει" - "This doesn't fit me."

"Με κάνεις να νιώθω άβολα." - "You're making me feel uncomfortable."

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Don't rely on literal translation with such verbs/phrases. In English you have breakfast, take a shower, make a mistake, do your homework, etc but in other languages the verb that goes along can be completely different, or there is one verb instead of the whole phrase.


κάνει is literally "to do". But it's also used as a "light verb" to create pseudo-verbs out of nouns.


Τι κάνετε, κύριε; "how are you, sir?" Πόσο κάνει το βιβλίο; "How much is the book?" κάνει 50 ευρώ. "It costs 50 euros." Spanish and Gk use hacer una pregunta // κάνω μια ερώτηση for asking a question.


You're missing an "a". The boy is taking shower is not correct English.


I was marked correct for "The boy is having one shower" There was no "a"


Thanks for that report. I agree that that doesn't sound correct in English. I've removed some of the accepted or even expected alternatives now that are similarly odd.


Would "The boy takes a shower" also be correct? I had this as my answer and was marked wrong.


It's correct and one of the accepted answers.


Το αγόρι κάνει ντούς. The boy takes the shower; The boy is taking shower. In Greek is no difference, isn't it???? Why is this program count mistake?!


Το αγόρι κάνει ντούς. The boy takes the shower; The boy is taking shower.

"The boy takes a shower." is correct.

"The boy is taking a shower." is correct.

"The boy takes the shower" is wrong (don't use "the")

"The boy is taking shower" is wrong (you need "a")


In a way, the boy "does (a) shower"


Or, "Το αγόρι κάνει μπάνιο." ("The boy is taking a bath").


Ντους δεν ειναι ελλινικο λεξη. Μπάνιο ειναι. Ντους ειναι απο Γερμανία

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