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  5. "Tôi đang ở đây."

"Tôi đang đây."

Translation:I am here.

December 2, 2016



What's the point of adding "đang" to this? Unless there were a different tense inserted, I'd assume "Tôi ở đây" to be present continuous.


Could you not say "Tôi là ở đây" to mean the same thing?


No, "là"only works between two nouns.

Tôi là học sinh=I'm a student

Tôi=I and học sinh=student are nouns


For anyone who also knows something of Chinese or Thai, is đang similar to zai in Chinese and yuu in Thai?


Hmm it seems trickier. Thai yuu means "be at/located" and Chinese zai has that same meaning. But Chinese zai also means "-ing" where Thai does not use the same word but instead uses gamlang. In the dictionary, Vietnamese đang means "-ing" but in this question it seems to function more like "be at/located"...

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