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Skill strengthening defective

I just tried to strengthen "Household" in Spanish because it was 1 bar down from gold. I have done the "strengthen skill" option FIVE times, and it hasn't gone up at all. I think that there must be a bug here.

February 22, 2014



This happened to me on the past participle lesson in Spanish. To finally get it it done, I chose a lesson to review that looked like it had different words than I had seen. But yes, it must be a bug if 'strengthen' doesn't strengthen anything!


Yup, it's happened to me a few times. I have the first two levels of both my languages complete and every so often it goes back down. So I have to redo it again.


Not what I was referring to. I practiced five times in a row with no movement on the strength bar. Sometimes it won't move on the first practice, but five times in a row with no movement is absurd.


Obviously one way of this happening without it being a bug would be if you lost all your hearts each time. But I take it this wasn't the case?

Maybe they added something to the lesson after you first completed it? This could conceivably cause such a bug.


Nope, passed the lesson each time and got the points, but not the skill strength.


What should definitely help in such a case is redoing each of the six lessons. I would also guess that after doing that you are safe from the bug in the Household topic, at least for a while.

I usually just use the overall skill strengthening button. With that I have noticed what may be a similar effect for some lessons which just take much longer to complete than the others. But it's less obvious in that case as there may be 'urgent' little things in other lessons which still look complete overall and so are presented first.

I just had this effect in Countries. But strengthening the Countries topic itself just once then did it.


I actually tested out of the entire tree the first time through, and just wanted a quickie review by refreshing each of the lessons in order again. Definitely not worth the time to redo each section individually for something I already know. Just want to de-bug Duo if there is a bug involved. :)


I am up to level 8 in strengthen skills on Phrases (german) getting bored, when will I move on to next topic. Is there a way I can move on more quickly or do I have to complete the same words and sayings for even more hours


I have just completed french strengthening adjectives exercise but the programme will not allow me to 'submit' at the end of the exercise or to note an 'other' problem. So the only option is to quit and lose the lot. This is the 2nd time this has occurred on Duolingo although I don't recall which exercise it happened with before


I had similar problem. Household was full strength then it went down a bar so I had to get it back to full strength and now today it is down a bar again. Frustrating.


I agree. My strength bars for Business in Swedish were at 3/5. I did a strengthening lesson, which I completed faultlessly, and, hey presto! - strength still 3/5. It doesn't feel very motivating.

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