"Wir haben die meisten Bücher."

Translation:We have the most books.

February 14, 2013

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"We have the most books" is a grammaticaly correct sentence in English??


"We have the most books" (compared to another store/library etc) makes sense.


I'm not sure, but never heard it this way before, so seems incorrect! I guess it should be "We have most books" to be correct.


Makes sense to me, e.g. 'out of all the libraries in the area, we have the most books.'

'we have most books' seems incomplete to me, like you need more information: 'we have most books published after 2005' or 'we have most books written by Stephen Hawking' or something.


True- if the program is called duo-lingo at least than both languages should be correct!


I'm confused how this sentence can both mean :

  • We have the most books
  • We have most of the books

Shouldn't we switch the position of "meisten" or anything ?


It turns out that this sentence can indeed have both meanings in German.

Now, to be honest I don't know what you're asking... in case you want to change the German language I cannot help with that :)


Well I was asking if there was any possibility to know which one of the two meaning the speaker uses with this kind of sentence. But based on your answer, I guess there is none.

I was also asking if it was a mistake on Duolingo's part or if this single sentence could really mean two completely different things.

Thanks for your answer.


No, there is no way to distinguish the two meanings without context.

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