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  5. "Léann sé agus léimid."

"Léann agus léimid."

Translation:He reads and we read.

December 2, 2016



For me, "reads" was the only answer choice


This is what I hear: "Naim sé uks naim eet". Is it supposed to sound like this?

https://en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/agus#Irish says that "agus" is pronounced /ˈɑɡəsˠ/ or /ɡəsˠ/.


I'm not really sure how you're getting that transcription, I hear her say the text as written.

You can hear a number of phrases that include agus on teanglann.ie - it will sound slightly differently in different contexts, even ending up as is in some cases, just as "and" can end up as 'n in ordinary speech.

bodhar agus balbh
cur agus cúiteamh
chomh luath agus


I'm only getting the female voice now and she says it beautifully! The male voice is incomprehensible to me. All his "l"s sound like "n"s.


Male voice? I've never heard anyone mention a male voice on the Irish course before!


Maybe it's an A/B test.


Soooooo.... I'm in the north, of USA and I hear it like this: "Lay-um Shay... Ah-gus... Lay-um-meet". I dont know where you're from....but I wonder if-- we all HEAR it differently, because of the predominance of our own environmental vernacular. If i listen to the verbal queues seven times, I may hear it differently three time. IDK....

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