"Katten er ute."

Translation:The cat is outside.

December 2, 2016



What is the diffeence between ute and utenfor?


Can anyone tell me de difference between 'ute' and 'ut'? I was watching this Norwegian show with English AND Norwegian subtitles so I could learn the language better and then there's a line when the boy is asking to his friends get out and he says "Ut, ut, ut!" like "Out, out, out!" While here we learn 'ute'. Is there a difference, really?


What show were you watching? I think I'd learn a lot from watching a show with subtitles like that.


Ah, okay yeah I was already planning on watching that. What website do you use?


To watch with Norwegian subtitles I watch on the official website skam.p3.no/episoder/ but with English subtitles you have to download on Google Drive (some people post on their drive). I think this link still works but I'm not sure drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B3KyatFgRTdrbTVaaGdvSEhlZnM


why is it "er ute" here instead of "står ute" or "ligger ute"? is it because we can't see the cat?


Yes, when we don't know whether the cat is actually lying/sitting/standing, it wouldn't be natural to use any of the more specific verbs.

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