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  5. "His wife is not coming back."

"His wife is not coming back."

Translation:Η σύζυγός του δεν επιστρέφει.

December 2, 2016



"To come back" should not be literally translated, I figured that much out. But the hover hints only show word-for-word translations, rather than the translation of the phrase. Could you fix this please? Also reported it btw.


What's the problem exactly? I'm in the incubator and I see no problem. The hints are were they should be (coming back - επιστρέφει).

(Maybe this has been corrected in the meantime). ^.^


Could be, not sure. The problem was that it gave me a translation for "coming" and one for "back" (πισο I think it said, and I forgot the word for "coming"). But obviously I got marked wrong when I entered that :P


So what was your answer? Η γυναίκα του δεν έρχεται πίσω?


I'm not allowed to reply to your newer comment, so I'll do it like this :P Is γυρίζει πίσω also used more than επιστρέφει? And exactly what is the meaning of γυρίζει then? Don't think I know that verb.


Επιστρέφω and γυρίζω πίσω are both commonly used ^.^


Επιστρέφω κάτι - I return something, mostly an object back to a store or someone else.

Θα σου επιστρέψω το στυλό σου - I will return your pen to you.

Επιστρέφω (από) κάπου and Γυρίζω από κάπου - I return/come back from somewhere

Μην γυρίζεις πίσω/Μην επιστρέψεις! - Don't come back!

Θα γυρίσω στο σπίτι μετά τις 10 - I will return/come back home after 10.

Γυρίζω all it itself could mean just turn.

-Γύρισε και την κοίταξε - He turned and looked at her. I hope that helped you a bit ^.^


That does sound very familiar, I think I wrote that indeed. That IS wrong, right?


I wouldn't say it's wrong, just not that commonly used, at least not in spoken Greek (my opinion, as a native Greek speaker). But γυρίζει πίσω is more commonly used ^.^


That's what i see, too.


One year later, the "hover" clue over "coming" is still only έρχεται. Neither επιστρέφει nor γυρίζει πίσω are offered for the phrase "coming back." Reported.


The phrase "is ... coming back" had the hint επιστρέφει -- I'm not sure why it did not appear for you. Perhaps because it's not in one part?

I've added δεν επιστρέφει as a hint for "is not coming back" which is contiguous; hopefully this will help.


Η γυναίκα του δεν έρχεται πίσω,......was wrong,...?


Ναι, σας ευχαριστούμε, έχει προστεθεί στις σωστές μεταφράσεις.


Καλησπέρα. Έγραψα «η σύζυγός του δεν γυρνάει πίσω» και το θεωρεί λάθος. Σωστά έκανα αναφορά πως η απάντησή μου πρέπει να γίνει δεκτή ή όντως υπάρχει κάποιο λάθος; Στη δεύτερη περίπτωση -αν θέλει και μπορεί κάποιος/α- μου εξηγείτε ποιο είναι το λάθος; Ευχαριστώ

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