"Our butterfly will eat lunch."

Translation:Ο δικό μας πεταλούδα θα τρώει μεσημεριανό.

December 2, 2016

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Sent a report about it, but πεταλούδα is feminine so is this response demanding ο δικό instead of η δική not an error?


It surely is, but there's more to it: Η δική μας πεταλούδα (or: Η πεταλούδα μας) θα φάει μεσημεριανό (θα τρώει=will be eating). Probably it's one of those zombie sentences, in which case you could help fix this by sending out some details on how you encountered it!


It's a zombie sentence indeed. I can't find it in the incubator, could you please tell me which skill of the tree it was in? ^.^


Hi, it's in the possessives skill of the tree :)

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