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  5. "Yours or ours?"

"Yours or ours?"

Translation:A voastră sau a noastră?

December 2, 2016



Since the number of gender of the objects are not specified, and depending on whether "Yours" is singular or plural, any of the pairs using al, a, ai or ale with the corresponding vostr/ta/nostr* pronouns should be accepted.

Yours (pl.) or ours?

  • Al vostru sau al nostru?
  • A voastră sau a noastră?
  • Ai voștri sau ai noștri?
  • Ale voastre sau ale noastre?

Yours (sg.) or ours?

  • Al tău sau al nostru?
  • A ta sau a noastră?
  • Ai tăi sau ai noștri?
  • Ale tale sau ale noastre?


Can someone provide some help with this sentence structure?


Exactly-as below: I wrote-'ale voastre sau ale noastre' and Duo rejected it (as it was not the particular version that they were considering. I do find that Duo is somewhat primitive in the way its Romanian lessons are presented.)

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