"Eu sunt copil."

Translation:I am a child.

December 2, 2016

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Why don't we say "eu sunt un copil"?


I don't know the technical terms but the idea is that you do not say that you are a (specific) child (or one not many) but that you are in your childhood. Like saying "I am young" vs. "I am a young (person)". It's like saying "I am child" (which in English is not correct but makes sense in Romanian).


I suppose it works like professions in German?, such as saying "Ich bin Ärztin" rather than "Ich bin eine Ärztin".


So «copil» is an adjective?


Copil is a nounce.


«Copil» is a masculine noun. Similarly in Portuguese: «Eu sou criança.» meaning word by word «I am child.» ---> «Eu sunt copil.» It would be like an adult person asking to a child to buy cigarettes or beer for them in a store. Then the child could say to them: «I am just a child to do it.» or in Romanian simply ---> «Eu sunt copil.»


There's a curiosity here. The word "copil" can work as an adjective in Portuguese when someone acts in a childish way. E.g.: "Meu pai é muito criança." Literally: "My father is very child." I don't know if there's an application like that in Romanian.


Eu sunt copil means i am child instead we use eu sunt UN copil which means i am a child


It will mark me wrong for selecting fata = a girl and o fata= a girl but here it marks me wrong for not adding an article?? Makes no sense.


What is wrong with I am a child? Why is 'I am a little child' correct? What's the "little" word in this sentence?


This must only apply to a previous version of this question since currently neither the English nor the Romanian seems to have anything about "little"...


I also want to know why "Eu sunt un copil" is not an option. Great question Chris V. Anyone knows?


It is not ok In romanian little child is an error in language


That wrong. There is no any numeral adverb.

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