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No response to feedback.

I've been using the site for a while now, and have submitted feedback for wrong answers, and also using the general feedback tab.

So far I have heard absolutely nothing in response.

Have I just been unlucky and slipped through the net, or is there a general problem here? What have your experiences been?

June 19, 2012



@Almonaster on a website like DuoLingo, you can NEVER EVER remove a feedback option.


Sometimes I get e-mails saying "Thanks, we'll fix this soon", and sometimes I don't..


Good point, I used to have a reply each time I submitted a feedback (mainly for wrong answers) but I'm not getting any anymore.


What mikeydee says: Sometimes I get e-mails, sometimes I don't.


I sent several feedbacks and got a response twice. Duolingo has lots of users and it will be especially true when it opens today for the public, so I guess the developers have enough to do with processing the incoming feedbacks and they have time to reply only rarely.


I understand the problem with lack of staff, but I think it gives a bad impression and this is likely to get worse as the user base ramps up. Perhaps a page where you could check back on your feedback (and possibly indicate where you would particularly like a response) would be helpful.

There is potentially useful information being supplied which Duolingo will lose if people are discouraged from giving feedback. If they feel they cannot deal with it, then IMHO it would be better to remove the option.

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