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  5. "Τα κλειδιά είναι γκρι."

"Τα κλειδιά είναι γκρι."

Translation:The keys are gray.

December 3, 2016



Actually, the keys are GREY


That is an accepted alternative.

The default translation uses "gray" because "English" on Duolingo means "US English" for nearly all courses.

In translations into English, UK English is generally accepted as well, but you should expect to see US English.

(So when you see "pants", for example, it refers to outer garments, not underwear.)


Should there be an accent on the "i" in γκρι?


No, one syllable words (with a few exceptions) do not have accents.


I tried, τα κλειδιά είναι γκρίζα, and it was marked incorrect. Should it be an acceptable solution?


That's already one of the accepted translations.


A lot of French words in this language. Greek "gri"=French "gris". French "pantalon"=Greek "pandeloni" (sorry if I made a mistake ;), Greek "pisina"=French "piscine". And the main Franco-Greek contact was in the Middle Ages!


Many words similar to French come directly from latin, others from Italian (piscina=πισίνα for example) and some of them come truly from French. It was fashionable for the rich to speak French in the previous century, and common folk put their twist on that. There are even some (somewhat obsolete) slang things like Σας μερσώ=I thank you.

A trivial knowledge: Pantalon/Παντελόνι comes from the name of a Venetian comedy character, Pantalone (who wore trousers) which comes from the Greek name Πανταλέων=πάντα (every) + λέων (lion), so it's actually a borrowing of a borrowing.

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