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Romanian Friend!

I want to know someone that speaks or is learning Romanian so I can get better at it, anyone interested?

December 3, 2016



seems like they deleted my comment since I can't disclose personal info, but feel free to message me on Duolingo. (native romanian here, from Buzău, currently in Brașov)


Hello, I am learning Romanian. Can I add you on Facebook? :D


I too am learning if you want to be friends


Hey, check out the apps HelloTalk and Tandem. They are apps where you can specify who you want to talk to and learn language from and possibly teach in turn, as well. For instance, I have a friend and he is teaching me Romanian and I am teaching him English, by chatting with one another and correcting each others mistakes. There's also audio capabilities as well. :D


I am Romanian, if you need any help or someone with whom to practice you can drop me a message on facebook, I have it listed on my profile.

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