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"Người đàn ông thành công sự thân thiện của mình."

Translation:The man succeeds because of his friendliness.

December 3, 2016



What about: The man is successful because of his friendliness.

December 3, 2016


Sounds more natural to me (as a native English speaker) but I tried that and it said it was wrong...

February 5, 2017


Is it because there is no 'đã' (to indicate past tense).

December 30, 2017


The first comment is not in past tense, to make that sentence post tense you would change "is" to "was"

January 5, 2019


Post = past, on my phone and can't edit comment

January 5, 2019


Well in french, I would rather say "thanks to" (grâce à) when it's a positive fact, "because of" (à cause de) has a negative connotation.

He succeeds (or he is successful, because I am improving english here as well :-D) THANKS to his patience
He fails BECAUSE of his impatience

Does vietnamese make this distinction ? How will you say it ?

October 1, 2017
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