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  5. "I write and you read."

"I write and you read."

Translation:Eu scriu și tu citești.

December 3, 2016



Why is "scriu și citești" incorrect?


Clarifying who's doing what. Slight emphasis on "I" and "you".


Yes, but in Romanian the subject is not necessary if it is implied by the verb. Their answer should be correct.


The answer in the question now shows as: "Eu scriu iar tu citești."

But what is "iar" and how is it different to "si"?

DuoLingo can be so frustrating sometimes, introducing new words without ever having told us what they mean! Grrr!


Iar means "and" but is used to contrast two elements. It can also be translated in English as "while" or 'whereas".

Here's an excerpt from Dana Cojocaru's Romanian Grammar.

  • Dan împodobeşte pomul şi Maria îl ajută. Dan is decorating the tree, and Maria is helping him.
  • Dan îmbodobeşte pomul, iar Maria găteşte. Dan is decorating the tree, and Maria is cooking.

In normal usage, there is a tendency to use iar instead of şi when adding two actions (sentences), even if the contrast is not very strong - in other words, there is a tendency for iar to accept copulative meaning: Dan împodobeşte bradul şi Maria îl ajută. = Dan împodobeşte bradul, iar Maria îl ajută. Dan is decorating the tree, and Maria is helping him.


Wow, that's a hugely in depth answer. Thank you so much.

You also taught me some new words in those examples!


Can i ask why it is different with what is used.

The first one i went over was Tu scrii şi eu citesc

While the other is Eu scriu şi tu citeşti.

Can i ask what the difference is? Is it to show who is doing what or is it for another reason?? What are the difference between scrii/scriu anf citesc/citeşti???


Tu scrii şi eu citesc means "You write and I read".

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