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"Eu am un scaun foarte deștept."

Translation:I have a very smart chair.

December 3, 2016



would Romanians actually say that they have a very clever chair? I don't think deștept is used to mean smart as in good looking? but maybe the language has changed in 65 years. Or do you really mean that the chair is smart/clever?


The sentence means the chair is smart/clever. Indeed, it doesn't make sense, unless it's preparing us for future Apple products.


You are right Next apple product coming up


Of course it makes sense. My chair complains a lot if I ate again too much after using too many redigest pills. ;o)


Internetul obiectelor… Scaunul lui lucrează pentru serviciile secrete.


Interesting. The chair is also chairperson, some are smart, though it is not meaning that. And smart university professors get a Chair. Any object including a chair could be described as smart. Eu am un scaum foarte deştept. Indeed


'Scaun' may also mean 'stool, poop'. It's normal for a doctor to ask a patient 'Câte scaune ați avut?' Duo's sentences can be really funny! :)

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