"Ioana cumpără o canapea și două fotolii."

Translation:Jane buys a sofa and two armchairs.

December 3, 2016

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I used Joanna and it was rejected. It's daft, and in any case personal names should generally not be translated. People may develop a local nick name / abbreviation / mis-pronunciation, but they just aren't translated.


Simply think of the leading 'i' as a 'j', thus iona= joanna, iulia=julia, as in the city Alba Iulia.


Ioana is Joann or Joan or Jane. All three should be accepted as translations.


Do you really think Jane is the best translation for Ioana? In Romanian it is the female version of John. I suspect that Joan might be a closer translation. After all the french Jean D'Arc is translated as Joan of Arc in English.


Translating names is kinda ridiculous...


I would go with Johanna myself, but I agree that names should not be translated.


In French, it is "Jeanne d'Arc". "Jean" would be a man.


I got marked wrong for using 'Joan'; maybe should ask duolingo....


I got it wrong for writting Joanne... lol...


IT IS NOT " JEAN"d'ARC but JEANNE . JEAN IS MASCULINE, JEANNE IS FEMININE. LIKE GERMAIN ( MY NAME) IS MASCULINE AND GERMAINE IS THE FEMINIME. ! I always had to insist that I am not a woman when I was doing business in writing with english-speakers. Until we met, of course. In Middle Age French, JEANNE was JEHANNE or even JOHANNE depending of the region. and She was from the LORRAINE where many people spoke German. JEAN was JOHAN in German. Now it is HANS though JOHAN is still in use ( or was in my youth)


JANE, JEAN , JOAN and JOANNA are variations of the same female name in English !!!!!!!!

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