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"Cartofii prăjiți fără sare nu sunt buni."

Translation:The French fries without salt are not good.

December 3, 2016



Why 'fried potatoes' are not considered correct here? It seems that not all the fried potatoes are french fries. However, other fried potatoes would probably be correctly named in Romanian as 'Cartofii prăjiți'. Isn't this true?


As a native English speaker and cook I would say there are many forms of fried potatoes and we can say chips - usually deep fried chunky strips of potatoes, fried potatoes, - slices or chunks or any shape of potatoes shallow fried, perhaps yesterday's leftovers, Sauteed potatoes - dice like chunks shallow fried (though the word is really French and should have an acute accent on the first e or French fries - ask the french or Americans about these, they can also be called 'fries' in America or in MacDonalds. So yes, tatianandreeva, Duolingo should also accept fried potatoes.


I agree with you we say chips not anerican french fries as most of the translated words seem to be related U S not Uk eg center not uk centre meter not metre which has a different meaning here,just to give a couple of examples


Chips (as in British English) should also be accepted ;)


the fried potatoes are not good without salt (what is wrong with this answer? it is a perfect translation in English as well, in fact this will be a more common way to say it not Doulingos translation)


fried potatoes is the best, most idiomatic english answer


what about ROASTED potatoes? this word wrong TOO???


It was not undrrstandeble


When Romanian people make a "cartofi prăjiți " they really do not think about French. Fried potato is the best option for this exercise.


As an American this is the least Romanian sentence I've ever heard


i used this: the potatoes cooked without salt are not good.... what is wrong with this translation? un cartov IS a potato not necessarily french fries.....too much amrican english , i wonder???

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