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Duo in de spotlights! (English version)

Suppose you're new here on Duolingo. Then are some tips to use Duolingo course easy! Below is super handy tips Duolingo to learn quickly. Have fun even further Duolingo!

Ps. Do you prefer Dutch tips? Click on this link! https://www.duolingo.com/comment/19443321

Tip 1; Making friends

You can only learn languages ​​Duolingo, but also with friends who also sit on Duolingo. To me, for example, to make a friend, you click on my profile picture. Then click 'follow' the green button. Now follow me, and I get a message you have added me as a friend (a message can be seen as the bubble right is yellow and there is a number in state). I can follow you back now. So you've made a nice Duolingo friend!

Tip 2; placing discussions

You probably already know how to, and how to react or like. This tip has a few extra tidbits.

Set; you have a question and can ask anyone in the house, because they have no knowledge of that. then click Discussion. You can Discussions Liking or not liking of course, post comments and post your own discussion question. Choose a good title thereto, and the discussion itself. Then choose a topic from your subscriptions. You can if the discussion is placed also add comments, and others. If you're quite happy with a response, you can even give an ingot. More on this later.

Tip 3; translate sentences

Maybe a little difficult, but good to know. If you just do not want to teach, you can always phrases from English to Dutch translate into floor. I myself do not know how you can see a summary of floor, so I'm going to make a discussion. But here you can already see a preview. https://www.duolingo.com/translation/5713b20e9b84a7007225e389611b01cd

Tip 4; earn lingots

First: what are lingots the hell ?, do you determine. Here Inder full, officele lingot explanation.

A lingot [ling-goht] is the virtual currency on Duolingo. If you learn to Duolingo, you will receive more lingots to use in the store! You can lingots earn: Level rise earn 1 lingot (multiplied by achieved level) A skill gather earn 2 lingots for the completion of a skill Series 10 day earn 1 lingot every 10 days on a range (1 to 10, 2 to 20, etc. .) Friends invite invite a friend to Duolingo and, when you receive accept friend both 1 lingot upload documents upload a document into floor, and get one lingot every time you document an upvote receive Caution: not given Lingots when you shortcut by taking the tree to fetch a higher level or to finish a skill.

Tip 5; Lingots you spend in the store

You can give lingots (more on this in tip 6), but also to spend in the shop! Go to home and click on 'Shop', or click on your own lingots. Here you see all the things you can spend your lingots to. And in the app Duolingo are many more possibilities! There you can decorate your warning bird in the store with a nice touch. Click below to download the app. https://www.duolingo.com/mobile

Tip 6; lingots give to other players Duolingo

Suppose you've created a discussion in which you ask how something works and you get this answer, you can it's obviously very grateful. You might want to give him or her prefer a reward. It may also give an ingot. Here's how: Go to the response you want to give the ingot. You look under the response: "Give Lingot. It may also be in another language course. Click. You will be notified if you're sure. Click "OK." Now get this one person lingot. You can also give several. And others can also with you. So you have given a nice reward as thanks!

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